Toy Safety

How are the toys made?

Our silicone toys are hand-crafted from 100% skin-safe silicone from reputable suppliers, and pigmented with non-toxic micas, powders, and liquid silicone pigments that remain fully encapsulated within the silicone during use. We start with a hand-sculpted or 3D printed master model and create silicone molds from the same skin-safe silicone we make our toys with. Then we pigment and hand-cast silicone in our proprietary shapes, trim them, wash them, and package them in tamper evident packaging for sale.

Flops, Failures, and Features

A flop is a toy that has a minor flaw that has been deemed safe for use, and is sold at a discount. It might require some extra care when cleaning or storing, which will be noted in the individual listing. We feel that it is more worthwhile to give these toys a second chance at finding a home than letting them go to waste over minor flaws. Examples include trimming mistakes on the base, a large bubble that can be easily cleaned/is on a non-use area, fully-encapsulated pigment freckles, or problem areas that were trimmed to a safe state.

A failure is a toy that has issues too major to be used safely. We will not sell toys that we consider to be failures. Examples include major delamination, unsafe bubbles, exposed pigment clumps, or cure inhibition.

A feature is any detail that is inherent to that toy, and doesn't affect cleaning or use. A feature cannot be excluded from a toy. Our masters, molds, and toys are handmade by a single artist, and silicone is a tricky medium. Models will have details and minor flaws inherent to any handmade craft, and pigments may create unexpected results based on pigment type, firmness, lighting, and your monitor.

We inspect our toys thoroughly before shipping but we are human. If a safety flaw is discovered with your toy before removing the tamper evident seal, Darker Horse Toys will flop the toy post-sale and discount you the price of the flop. If the flaw would make the toy unusable we will refund or replace the toy.



Imperfect, but still usable and safe


Unsafe for use, never sold