Near Clear Toys

What is Near Clear?

Near Clear is a highly transparent form of Smooth On's Ecoflex, a platinum grade, skin-safe silicone. It meets all the same safety metrics as our standard toys, but Near Clear has the benefit of being almost completely clear. Its the clearest skin-safe silicone we've found to date!

Does it need special care?

Because of its clarity, Near Clear is more likely to show yellowing over time, which is a risk to all platinum cure silicone eventually. You can help keep your toy looking new by avoiding prolonged boiling (hand washing alone should do, or short boiling sessions only. See our section on Toy Care for more).

In addition, near clear has a tendency to acquire temporary nicks or dents from storage or fingernails, and we suggest handling and storing with this in mind.

More info

  • NC only comes in Soft (00-31), and Medium (00-45). It can be combined with our non NC soft and medium silicones.

  • Near Clear toys come with a slight upcharge, to reflect the more expensive material cost. Materials are limited in availability and it will be a 'few times per year' product. For these reasons, Near Clear is currently not available for surprises and customs.

  • Because of its clarity and unique chemical nature when pouring, Near Clear toys are more likely to show small imperfections like sub-surface bubbles or inclusions. "Flop" discounts will only be applied when these affect the aesthetic or use of a toy. Near Clear toys may have one or several small bubbles on the bottom of the toy, which will only constitute a flop if they are egregious or mar the beauty of the toy.