18+ only


The Moanstone

Single Size

Length: 5.5 in

Usable Length: 5 in

Widest Circumference: 5.5 in

Base Diameter: 3.25 in

The Moanstone is a glittering silicone gem designed for those adventurous in taste, but not in size. Its smooth tapered shaft is inviting to beginners, while its textured base entices you to go ever deeper. This five pointed quartz obelisk has something for everyone. Let its mystic energies tantalize you from the inside out, or keep it on your desk as an innocuous stress toy.

The Dragon's Knuckle

Single Size

Length: 7.25 in

Usable Length: 6.3 in

Widest Circumference: 4 in

Base Diameter: 3 in x 2.3 in

The perfect product to fulfill that dragon-kidnapping fantasy of yours, without the risk of any clumsy princes barging in to ruin it. The Dragon's Knuckle is a delightfully ridged toy meant to stimulate your senses and tickle your most private places. You'll love getting to know its many bumps, grooves, and shiny scaled base in soft, comfortable silicone!

The Satyr

Extra Large - 10 in

Large - 8 in

Medium - 6.3 in

Small - Coming Soon

The Satyr brings everything a lustful woodland reveler has to offer. It's hairy. It's uncut. It's jolly. It's big enough for those with exotic tastes in size. With a thick ring at the base of its shaft, the Satyr is a bacchanalian ride to be undertaken by those seeking the company of a well-endowed woodland companion

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Extra Large

Length: 10 in

Usable Length: 7.5 in

Shaft Circumference: 9.75 (widest), 8.5 in (narrowest)

Approximate Diameter: 3.1 in

Base Width: 3 in x 5.75 in


Length: 8 in

Usable Length: 6 in

Shaft Circumference: 9.7 (widest), 7.7 in (narrowest)

Base Width: 2.5 in x 5 in


Length: 6.3 in

Usable Length: 4.75 in

Shaft Circumference: 7.5 (widest)

Base Width: 2.3 x 3.5 in


Length: TBD

Usable Length: TBD

Shaft Circumference: TBD

Base Width: TBD

The Flamespitter

Large - 9 in

Medium - 7 in

Small - Coming Soon

Feel the heat! The Flamespitter is a top-heavy toy modeled after a dragon's flame, with a dragon maw base. Its smoothly textured surface contrasts nicely with its scaled, grind friendly base. Its broad curves and smooth angles are sure make you feel like kidnapped nobility.

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Length: 9 in

Usable Length: 7.25 in

Shaft Circumference: 7.75 (widest)

Base Width: 2.75 in


Length: 7 in

Usable Length: 5.7 in

Shaft Circumference: 6.5 (widest)

Base Width: 2.5 in


Length: TBD

Usable Length: TBD

Shaft Circumference: TBD

Base Width: TBD

The Baphomet

Large - 7.75in

Medium - 6.5in

Small - 5.5in

The dark lord cometh! This horny devil is sure to warm you up from the inside out. With a smooth, lightly textured shaft and a detailed base, the Baphomet is a satanic delight! Whether you are looking for love from below or want to worship yourself in the bedroom, this toy has a little something for everyone.

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Length: 7.75 in

Usable Length: 6.5 in

Shaft Circumference: 7 (widest)

Base Width: 7.8x5.5 in


Length: 6.5 in

Usable Length: 5 in

Shaft Circumference: 5.7 (widest)

Base Width: 4.7x6.3 in


Length: 5.5 in

Usable Length: 4.75 in

Shaft Circumference: 5.3 (widest)

Base Width: 4x5.5 in


Potion Bottles

Single Size

Height: 1.8 in

Max Circumference: 5.5 in

Max Diameter: 1.75 in

Weight: 50g

A capricious concoction sure to leave you or your lover longing for more. Brewed from high quality aphrodisiacs, guaranteed to induce am amorous state in the imbiber. We serve both Love Potion and Rose Potion varieties.

Approximately the size of a chicken egg and made of soft, skin safe silicone, this squishy potion bottle is compatible with ovipositors and kegel exercisers, or great as a stress ball/desk toy.

Prism Eggs

Single Size

Height: 2 in

Max Circumference: 6.3 in

Max Diameter: 2 in

Weight: 65g

A glittering gem fit to adorn any collection. Get lost in the facets of the Prism Egg as it glistens in the light, or let the Prism Egg get lost in you. Dont be fooled by its crisp angles, the Prism Eggs squish makes it comfortable in any firmness for use as a stress ball or kegel exerciser. Compatible with ovipositors.



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Small -


Quartz Point

Crystal Disk


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