Care Info & FAQ

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Toy Care Instructions

Washing – Inspect and wash before and after each use. Wash with mild soap and water or a toy cleaning agent. To sanitize you can boil in water for a few minutes, or use a dishwasher. Do not use harsh chemicals.

Storage – To extend the life of your toy, do not use silicone lubes. Store in a dry location, not touching other toys. Keep away from pets and chemicals.

Safety – Fantasy sex toys are novelty items and should not be used in an unsafe manner. To avoid injury during use the user should understand their limits and start slow with new toys, and we encourage the use of water or oil based lubricants.

What are fantasy adult toys?

Fantasy adult toys are just that - adult toys (like dildos, buttplugs, gags, c-rings, kegel eggs, and more) with a fantasy or sci-fi theme! Have you ever wondered what a night of passion with a werewolf would be like? Imagined yourself as an alien, with equally alien genitalia? Fantasy toys are made to bring those fantasies and more to life in shimmering silicone. Whichever sentient creature you desire to spend a night of passion with, there is a toy for you!

Are your toys body safe?

"Body Safe" is a term commonly used to refer to materials that are generally considered to be safe for use on skin or mucous membranes. At Darker Horse we prefer to use the language used by our material distributors: We use Skin Safe platinum cure silicone, which means it was developed for contact with humans and has to meet a higher standard of testing and quality control. Food Safe certified silicone is utilized in toys intended for oral or external contact only. Our pigments are all cosmetic approved or non-toxic, and we do extensive research and testing into the pigments we choose to stock in our shop.

Body safety is about more than ingredients, though. We also do research and testing into methods to ensure that our toys are well crafted to minimize risk of delamination, tearing, or harm to users. We triple inspect our toys for flaws and put them through a wash-and-boil before shipping to clean and sanitize, and always handle our toys with gloves.

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What does Near Clear mean?

Near Clear is a highly transparent variety of platinum grade, skin-safe silicone that we make some of our toys out of. It allows a transparent or crystalline effect when pigmented correctly, but requires some special care to retain its beauty.

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